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Ellie Reyna Rojas

Real Estate Broker | Property Acquisitions Professional and Motivational Speaker, Real Estate

Ellie Reyna Rojas Real Estate Broker, investor and writer

Ellie Reyna Rojas's Bio:

Ellie Reyna Rojas has been in the Real Estate industry for 23 plus years, and has been a Real Estate Broker most of that time. Within the first 6 months of joining the Real Estate industry, Ellie had accomplished being a top producer with Century 21. This was the beginning of what was to be a start of a very promising career for Ellie. Within 1 year, and 6 months of starting her Real Estate career, she moved on into opening up her own Real Estate office, Bexar County Real Estate, where she ultimately had 27 agents on her team, and was featured in the media (La Ley Radio, and Telemundo). While running her office, Ellie strived to push herself beyond limitations and learned the mortgage side of the business as well, ultimately becoming a Branch Mortgage Officer, which she held for 4 years until the market crash of 2008. At the height of her Real Estate career, right before the market crashed, Ellie had obtained and owned 7 rental houses. When the market crashed, Ellie ultimately was faced with having to file bankruptcy. However, Ellie was no stranger to struggle and challenges. Ellie grew up in a low-income household, where she at an early age, had to figure out how to resist becoming a statistic. And throughout the years of climbing her way to success, Ellie has had to deal with a lot of bullying (cyber-bullying), which she has learned to overcome, and not take personal. After the market crash of ’08, instead of succumbing to the downfall that so many in the Real Estate industry were facing at that time, Ellie decided to keep pushing forward. Although having to downsize from all that she had built, Ellie persevered and kept her business going through her home office, where she was able to build herself back up from the market crash. Aside from Ellie’s relentless dedication to her career, her uncompromising devotion as a mother is paramount. Being a mother is her number one priority, and she has mastered the balance between work and home life. Ellie is a monumental example of one that maintains positivity, and poise during times that could easily break anybody down. Her ability to maintain a positive mental attitude at all times, regardless of the situation, has enabled her to remain successful. Another trait Ellie embodies is her passion for giving back to the community. While running her office, Bexar County Real Estate, before the market crash of 2008, Ellie was involved with giving back to the community during the holidays such as Thanksgiving, where she handed out turkey’s to those who were in need, annually. In addition, Ellie founded the non-profit organization, W.O.W. - Women of Wow, where she focused on women empowerment, and community involvement, to include giving back and bringing awareness to issues such as bullying/cyber-bullying. Ellie is a living example that no matter how tough your life circumstances are, if you set your mind to it and work hard and not allow the negative energies of others to deter you, you can get ahead, rebuild, and find success. Ellie is now back to where she’d left off before the market crash of 2008, with an even more determined and solid mindset. She has taken all that she’s experienced, and has built an even stronger foundation in which to continue to build upon. There’s a whole lot more to expect from this boss lady! When asked about her future, she smiles and says “there is no limit”. Within the last 5 years, Ellie was nominated as one of the Top 100 Latino Agents in San Antonio. Ellie has HUGE plans in the making, and is busy building her empire, despite her temporary setback of recently having her 2nd hip replacement, in less than 1 year! She’s absolutely determined to continue on with her long-time goal of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, and will be undergoing therapy and training to be able to do so soon! Ellie is dedicating this journey, in which she is now calling “The Climb”, towards raising funds to present to an organization representing children within the Foster System. Ellie states “This climb is more than a personal goal, it’s for the kids. My goal is to raise enough money to sponsor a Disney trip!” To follow Ellie, as she documents her journey through therapy and training, make sure you follow her social media pages!  

Ellie Reyna Rojas's Experience:

  • CEO at Wow Property Acquisitions

    Real Estate Investments, Flips and Wholesale.

  • Real Estate Broker at Wow Real Estate Team

    I handle all aspects of the real estate business, specializing in Buyer and Sellers of residential property.

Ellie Reyna Rojas's Education:

  • Real Estate School

    Real Estate Business
    Concentration: Real Estate

Ellie Reyna Rojas's Interests & Activities:

Ellie's Interests and Activities: She love adventures, travel, hiking, motivating and inspiring people, and giving back to the community. Ellie's Motto: “Life is an adventure, my life is about constant change, If I’m not growing and learning every day, I’m not happy.” - Ellie Reyna Rojas

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